Shrinking the Pacific: Connecting Global Innovators with China

October 21 - 28, 2017

Conducting business in China. It is not as simple as who you have met and who you know.

With the mission of connecting innovators globally, GWC has been building cross-border relationships since 2008. Executives rely on GWC for strategic introduction, and global resources.

The Global Executive Program will bring you to the campuses of China tech giants to meet with their C-suite executives alongside heads of corporate development & investment to explore: building strategic relationships, regulations, corporate development, mergers & acquisitions, and fundraising.

Strategic Meetings

At each company visit you will meet the executive team alongside the heads of corporate development & investment. The cohort is limited to 30 students ensuring quality facetime to meet your objectives.


* Meetings subject to change

On this Trip, Learn How To


Meet the Right Strategic Investors & Partners

Introductions to companies and capital with connections across regions spanning multiple industries.


Understand the Timeline to Scale in China

Identify next steps and reasonable timeframes for growth and distribution.


Build Your Corporate Structure for Success

Understand the details of organizational development for and build a multinational framework.


Hire the Right People in China

From identifying talent through recommendations and introductions to due diligence and best practices for successful onboarding.

Other Topics Include:

  • How do you raise capital from China LPs & VCs?
  • How do you do business development in China?
  • How can my company be acquired by corporations in China?
  • What regulations in China do I need to be aware of?
  • How to work with the government to do business in China?
  • Who to work with to get money out of China?
  • What value can international companies bring to China?

Meet With

Weiwei Hu
Weiwei Hu
Founder & President, Mobike
Weiwei Hu is the founder and president of Mobike, a billion-dollar bike-sharing startup from China. Before founding Mobike, she worked for automotive media as editor and reporter. She also worked for Geekpark and Tencent. Mobike was founded in 2016 and it's world's largest bicycle operator. In June 2017, Mobike raised $600 million in Series E founding by Tencent, bringing the firm's fund raising in 2017 alone to nearly $1billion. Weiwei said the business was looking to move into new markets, both within and outside China.
James Shen
James Shen
Managing Director, Qualcomm Ventures China

James Shen is vice president of Qualcomm and managing director of Qualcomm Ventures in Greater China. He leads Qualcomm’s venture investments in total 30 companies including CooTek (TouchPal), NetQin, Xiaomi, GFan, Thundersoft, YongChe, MoboTap (Dolphin Browser), Madhouse, Hawkeye, ALO7, Boohee, CamWoWo, Chukong Technologies, Unisound, Eques, Memblaze, Ximmerse, SJ Semi and other startups, in which 3 companies’ valuation exceed 1 billion US Dollars. He was General Manager of the joint venture by China Telecom and Qualcomm, as well as the head of Qualcomm Internet Service China business unit. Prior to various roles at Qualcomm, he was founder and CEO of NeTrue Communications and vice president of General Photonics, developing emerging technologies including VoIP, optical communications, and wireless Internet. Among these successful ventures, NeTrue Communications went public in 2000.

James received a Master’s degree in Communication Management from University of Southern California and BS degree in Electronic Engineering from Zhejiang University.

Jian Wang
Jian Wang
Chairman of Technology Steering Committee, Alibaba Group
Mr. Jian Wang has been Chairman of Technology Steering Committee at Alibaba Group Holding Limited since May 2015. Mr. Wang served as Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Group Holding Limited from August 2012 to May 2015. He joined Alibaba Group as chief architect in September 2008. He has responsibility for the formulation and implementation of Alibaba Group’s technology development strategy. He also served as President of Alibaba Cloud Computing since its inception in September 2009 until September 2013. Before joining Alibaba Group, he served as Assistant Managing Director at Microsoft Research Asia, where he had served since 1999. Prior to this, Mr. Wang worked at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China as a professor and as head of the psychology department. He serves on the board of directors of CITIC 21. He is a committee member of the China Computer Federation (CCF), which recognized him in 2008 with an award for outstanding contribution. He was honored by the CCF Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum as one of China's 10-year outstanding young IT professionals. He was the Chair of the 2010 CCF Conference and a co-chair of the 2011 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Mr. Wang received a bachelor's degree in psychology and a Ph.D in engineering from Hangzhou University.
Qi Yin
Qi Yin
CEO, Face++
After graduation from Tsinghua University, Yin formerly worked at Microsoft Research Asia, where he led a facial–recognition project. Later he went off to Columbia University to pursue a computer science doctorate. Yin launched Megvii—short for megavision— with two Tsinghua University friends, Wenbin Tang and Yang Mu in 2011. Megvii focuses on image recognition and the deep learning areas, boasting the most advanced human face recognition technology Face++. Until now, Megvii has attracted $150 million in funding and quickly become an industry leader and its technology is widely used for online payments and other security areas.
Wanqiang Li
Wanqiang Li
Co-Founder & VP of Marketing, Xiaomi
Mr. Wanqiang Li co-founded Xiaomi Inc. in 2010 and serves as its Vice President. Mr. Li is responsible for the marketing of Xiaomi. He served as the General Manager of Kingsoft Dictionary and notable for being one of the earliest UI practitioners in China. He initially joined Kingsoft’s UI Department and played a key role in developing many famous software projects including Kingsoft Antivirus, Kingsoft Dictionary and WPS Office, mainly in charge of UI design. Mr. Li served at Kingsoft in various positions as Chief Designer of UI department, Director of Design Center and Director of Internet Content. He has been invited by many universities for lecture. He graduated from Xi'an Science & Engineering Institute with a degree in Industrial Design in 2000.
Jeffrey Li
Jeffrey Li
Managing Partner of Tencent Investments, GM of Tencent M&A

Jeffrey currently serves as Managing Partner of Tencent Investment and General Manager of Tencent M&A, focusing on Tencent’s global investment and M&A activity in the areas of Interactive Entertainment and Gaming, Social Networking and Messaging, O2O (“Online-to-Offline”), and Internet Finance, among other areas. In particular, he leads Tencent’s worldwide Gaming industry investment and M&A.

Jeffrey is also responsible for Tencent’s early stage and early growth stage investment strategy in China and multiple countries. In recent years, he launched and led Tencent Investment’s ongoing efforts to penetrate key O2O sectors, including Automotive, Education, Healthcare and Internet Finance. He was responsible for Tencent’s investments in Huayi brothers, Zhihu, Netmarble Games, Howbuy and many others around the world. Jeffery is No. 1 in the GCV Powerlist 100

Ge Yang
Ge Yang
Co-founder, Skysaga Capital
Xiaoping Xu
Xiaoping Xu
Founder, Zhen Fund
Harry Man
Harry Man
Co-founder, Matrix Partners China
Tuck Lye Koh
Tuck Lye Koh
CEO, Shunwei Capital
Annabelle Long
Annabelle Long
Founder and CEO, Bertelsmann Asia Investments Fund
Feng Deng
Feng Deng
Founding Managing Director, Northern Light Venture Capital
Allen Zhu
Allen Zhu
Managing Director, GSR Ventures
Wayne Shiong
Wayne Shiong
Co-founder, China Growth Capital
Xiao Wang
Xiao Wang
Founder, Unity Ventures
Wei Cao
Wei Cao
Managing Director, Bluerun Ventures

More Coming Soon...


Arrival October 22 Beijing
  • Check-in at InterContinental Beijing
  • VIP Dinner
China's Tech Giants October 23 Beijing
  • Meeting at Baidu with President, Yaqin Zhang
  • Meeting at Didi with President, Jean Liu
  • Meeting at Sinovation Ventures with CMO & Partner, Anita Huang
  • Special Event: Dinner at the Aman Summer Palace
China's Unicorns October 24 Beijing
  • Meeting at Xiaomi with Co-Founder & CMO, Wanqiang Li
  • Meeting at Face++ with Founder & CEO, Qi Yin
  • Meeting at Mobike with President & Founder, Weiwei Hu
  • Special Event: Investment Night - Dinner and drinks with GEP and investors (full list)
Foreign Companies in China October 25 Beijing
  • Meeting at Qualcomm Ventures with Managing Director, James Shen
  • Investor Lunch then high-speed rail to Hangzhou
Innovation, China style October 26 Hangzhou
  • Alibaba campus tour and meetings with Chairman, Jian Wang
  • Meetings with corp dev teams and with Dingding CEO, Hang Chen
  • Special Event: CEO Dinner
Departure October 27

The GEP program will deliver an unparalleled experience that will cover all angles of what it means to do business in China

  • High-level, curated introductions & networking
  • Learn from founders of unicorns in China
  • Gain insights from companies who have successfully entered China
  • New Investment opportunities in a data-driven world. Who controls the data, wins the game.
  • Understand tradition, culture & proper business etiquette

This will include a series of presentations from executives of Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, followed by intimate discussions and meetings. We will also hear the success stories of Chinese unicorn founders from MoBike, Didi and Xiaomi. Presentations with executives from Microsoft and Tesla will be given about how they are navigating their companies China. GEP will also go over what current trends are ripe for investment and how China’s push into AI will affect strategies moving forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is behind the Global Executive Program (GEP)?
    GWC. We are the creators of GMIC, G-Summit, G-Startup Worldwide, RobotX Space, and the GWC membership network. The companies we visit during GEP have been instrumental in helping us connect the world and enable innovation since our founding in 2008.
  2. Remind me again, what is the GEP?
    GEP is a full week of company visits and private networking in Beijing and Hangzhou from October 22-27. You arrive in Beijing by October 22, and we’ll arrange the meetings, transportation, hotel, and special events.
  3. Who should participate in the GEP?
    This program is open to a variety of executives and entrepreneurs looking to build their knowledge and relationships in China tech. GEP participants include general partners of VC funds, corporate development executives of Fortune 500 companies, VPs or international heads of public companies or later-stage startups.
  4. What airport should I fly into?
    Your arrival airport is PEK (Beijing Capital International Airport).
  5. How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
    We will arrange your car unless you request otherwise.
  6. What date should I arrive?
    Entirely up to you, your schedule, and your love for jet lag. Leaving the US on Friday 10/20 or Saturday 10/21 works well.
  7. What is the cost?
    The program fee is $15,000 USD. This fee covers the cost of the program including all meals, 5-nights at 5-star hotels, special events, and domestic transportation throughout the week. Flights to and from China are not covered in the program fee.